Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First Finished Project

YAY, I finished my first project!!  The scarf is done.  I could have kept going and kept it for myself, but I decided to BO and give it to Don to keep his neck and ears warm  :)  I am so happy that it's done...not that I did not enjoy making it, but becasue I am anxious too get another project underway.  I am going to cast on a hat tonight...first one, and work it with a new online friend from Canada, Val...she is so cool and has made some awesome stuff.  I met her on Ravelry and she has been a great source of encouragement.  So....since I am starting things now, I am also going to post a couple of pics of some of my other projects that I am working on.  One is my first crochet project, which is still ongoing and will be until i decide that it is big enough and I border it and finish it.  The other is an Aran afghan that I did NOT think that I would be able to read the pattern of and turns out that it is going quite well.  So...Thanks for stopping by, it is COLD as hell here and I am SO ready for Spring.


Eric & Tony said...

Congrats; you're off to a great start!

Laurie (Moo!) said...

Awww. Your first FO! Congrats! May your needles always be full. :-)