Monday, July 7, 2008

New Contest, New company


I Love contests!  And this one is great with great prizes!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally, here are some Pics

Ok, I know that I have been promising some pictures of the WIPs and here they are.

This first one is Exchequered, a double knitting thing that I love but have not been working on too much.

This is a slip stitch bi-color scarf, it's a fast knit and if I would make more time for it or take on fewer projects at once it would be done.  I had some yarn I wanted to get rid of and liked the colors together so here it is...

And here is My So Called Scarf.  It is being done in Manos Olivewood, I love LOVE this yarn, if I could afford it I would buy every bit that I could at the LYS.

So, I am still working on the Andoa sweater, I have about 2/3 of the front panel done now so hopefully soon will start on the neck shaping and then the sleeves.  

Sorry it took so damn long to get these posted, hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Taking it another step

Well, as if I did not have enough to do, I picked up something else this past weekend.  I saw a scarf pattern that I fell in love with called exchequered, it's a decomposing check pattern and I though that it as really cool.  I had been afraid of trying the two color thing, cause I thought....hell, i don't know what I thought, I was just scared to try.  This one was two colors, but it was double knit, I found after reading the pattern.  Ok, so why not try it?  I deliberated for a few days and then on Friday I went and bought the yarn and needles.  I read and reread all the stuff I could on double knitting on Saturday and on Sunday I cast on...and hey, it was easy!  Sure, the holding two strands thing was a little challenging at first, but by the third row I seemed to have the hang of it.  I got to the first change through for the check and it went ok, got to the second, again ok....I am loving how it looks and I apologize that I do not have any pics yet, but my camera batteries are fresh out and I have to go buy another set of rechargeables before I can take any.  So look for them in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, i am still working on the sweater, I do not have that much more for the back and hopefully will be able to start the front this weekend.  I am also working on the celtic cable scarf when I need something different to do and bought the stuff for a baby blanket and a lap throw for Don.  So, my stash is growing, I keep buying, but oh well.  :)  Take care and look for the pictures in a bit

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Andoa by Berroco

Well, I succumbed to the sweater lady.  I cast on last weekend and began knitting andoa and I love it.  It is an easy pattern, lovely stitch grouping, and hopefully will turn out in the end.  I am just on the  back of the piece and I know that there is some stuff coming up that I have never done (like decreases and whatnot) so hopefully I will be able to figure it out.  Thankfully I have both MWK and Ravelry and the lady at the yarn store that talked me into doing this to help me if I need it.  So stay tuned, more pics as the progress goes on.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

hello, my name is Brad and I am a knittacrocheaddict

Oh my...where to begin.

My WIP's have grown now to include a sweater (have yet to cast on, but will be by the weekend, have just been reading through the pattern).

I am addicted.  I guess it is not such a bad thing, it could be booze or meth, or something like that, but no, it is the feel of fiber running through my hands.  I have noticed that I have cut down on smoking...I am too interested in getting the next row of the pattern done to take the time to go outside and smoke.

I am also addicted to MWK and Ravelry.....I spend SOOOOOOOOO much time on those sites....of course it is justified in my mind by the fact that I am learning something every time I log on and read the boards....even if it is just who everyone thinks is a hunky actor  :)

So, my WIPS keep growing...yes I do work to finish them, and the day will come soon when another one is cast off or finished.....yay.

So today is a breather.....I did not do much this I am actually going to do some real work at the office  :)  and tonight I have to go to bed early so I can get up at 4:00 for a meeting in Topeka...ahhh




........................................caston and knit & crochet like crazy   :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Works in Progress

Ok, I know, I have too many WIP's but what can I say.   Who Cares??  :)  

This first one is a Celtic Cabled scarf...first project with cables.  I am making it out of Cascade 220 Peruvian Highland wool in Westpoint Blue Heathers for Patrick, since he is the one who got me hooked on the fiber arts in the first place.
This one is a scarf for my mom, Patrick gave me 4 skeins of plush and I am knitting this up with the two strands held together on 10mm needles, knitting every row.  I realized about 12 inches in that 32 was too many stitches for this scarf so i will probably double it and seam the side when it is done which would make it the perfect width.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First Finished Project

YAY, I finished my first project!!  The scarf is done.  I could have kept going and kept it for myself, but I decided to BO and give it to Don to keep his neck and ears warm  :)  I am so happy that it's done...not that I did not enjoy making it, but becasue I am anxious too get another project underway.  I am going to cast on a hat tonight...first one, and work it with a new online friend from Canada, Val...she is so cool and has made some awesome stuff.  I met her on Ravelry and she has been a great source of encouragement.  So....since I am starting things now, I am also going to post a couple of pics of some of my other projects that I am working on.  One is my first crochet project, which is still ongoing and will be until i decide that it is big enough and I border it and finish it.  The other is an Aran afghan that I did NOT think that I would be able to read the pattern of and turns out that it is going quite well.  So...Thanks for stopping by, it is COLD as hell here and I am SO ready for Spring.