Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Taking it another step

Well, as if I did not have enough to do, I picked up something else this past weekend.  I saw a scarf pattern that I fell in love with called exchequered, it's a decomposing check pattern and I though that it as really cool.  I had been afraid of trying the two color thing, cause I thought....hell, i don't know what I thought, I was just scared to try.  This one was two colors, but it was double knit, I found after reading the pattern.  Ok, so why not try it?  I deliberated for a few days and then on Friday I went and bought the yarn and needles.  I read and reread all the stuff I could on double knitting on Saturday and on Sunday I cast on...and hey, it was easy!  Sure, the holding two strands thing was a little challenging at first, but by the third row I seemed to have the hang of it.  I got to the first change through for the check and it went ok, got to the second, again ok....I am loving how it looks and I apologize that I do not have any pics yet, but my camera batteries are fresh out and I have to go buy another set of rechargeables before I can take any.  So look for them in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, i am still working on the sweater, I do not have that much more for the back and hopefully will be able to start the front this weekend.  I am also working on the celtic cable scarf when I need something different to do and bought the stuff for a baby blanket and a lap throw for Don.  So, my stash is growing, I keep buying, but oh well.  :)  Take care and look for the pictures in a bit