Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And I forgot about the blog...

January 2nd and I just realized that I had started this blog, intending to post at least weekly if not daily and I forgot all about it...guess that is what happens when I try to do something constructive during the holidays. update on what has been happening.  The crochet is still going good, have my posted afghan that has become my "when I'm frustrated with my other projects" backup.  I have mainly been concentrating on the knitting since that is what I am really interested in.  I do like crochet and love the stuff that you can make, but there is something about knitting that intrigues me.

I began a simple ribbed scarf as my first project.  Alot of you out there will shudder when I say that I am using Red Heart acrylic from the $1.98 bin at Wal-mart, but I wanted to try it first with cheaper yarn before I move on to the wool blend that I bought at JoAnn's.  It is going good, after beginning 5 times I finally got to the point where I am comfortable with the motions.  Now I am working on controlling my tension.  I have found a couple of purls where there should be knits but for the moment I am leaving them as a testament to learning.  With this project I have been able to teach myself how to pick up a dropped stitch and have also learned how to cuss quietly when I see a mistake 5 rows down.  

I know that this scarf is not going to look its best, but I have the feeling that it will become a bedraggled friend that stays with me through the years.  I know that after the time I have put in and the frustration it has caused me and the fun and relaxation that I have gotten out of it that I will keep it and love it...after all, isn't that what you do with a good friend?

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