Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally, here are some Pics

Ok, I know that I have been promising some pictures of the WIPs and here they are.

This first one is Exchequered, a double knitting thing that I love but have not been working on too much.

This is a slip stitch bi-color scarf, it's a fast knit and if I would make more time for it or take on fewer projects at once it would be done.  I had some yarn I wanted to get rid of and liked the colors together so here it is...

And here is My So Called Scarf.  It is being done in Manos Olivewood, I love LOVE this yarn, if I could afford it I would buy every bit that I could at the LYS.

So, I am still working on the Andoa sweater, I have about 2/3 of the front panel done now so hopefully soon will start on the neck shaping and then the sleeves.  

Sorry it took so damn long to get these posted, hope you enjoy!


Val Campbell said...

Love that you finally had a chance to post some pics of your works. Looking good!

Happy knitting,

Love, Val

Jaded Labyrinth said...

Special! Knitted by the most special soul!
Thanks for sharing yarn with me!
Big hugs and kisses for you!

Vtknitboy said...

do you find the texture of the MSCS is a tight weave? i started it and hated the pattern. it was so tight, not stretchy and flexible. maybe it was the yarn i used?

Brad Rohr said...

no, actually I found it very easy after the first few rows and got the hang of it. I used the Manos and it was not the stretchiest yarn out there and it seemed to go ok. I did have to loosen my tension some, though. I am getting ready to cast on another today with some different yarn, though so i will see if that feels any different. I just loved how the pattern became rote and it became a very calming scarf to work on.