Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Taking it another step

Well, as if I did not have enough to do, I picked up something else this past weekend.  I saw a scarf pattern that I fell in love with called exchequered, it's a decomposing check pattern and I though that it as really cool.  I had been afraid of trying the two color thing, cause I thought....hell, i don't know what I thought, I was just scared to try.  This one was two colors, but it was double knit, I found after reading the pattern.  Ok, so why not try it?  I deliberated for a few days and then on Friday I went and bought the yarn and needles.  I read and reread all the stuff I could on double knitting on Saturday and on Sunday I cast on...and hey, it was easy!  Sure, the holding two strands thing was a little challenging at first, but by the third row I seemed to have the hang of it.  I got to the first change through for the check and it went ok, got to the second, again ok....I am loving how it looks and I apologize that I do not have any pics yet, but my camera batteries are fresh out and I have to go buy another set of rechargeables before I can take any.  So look for them in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, i am still working on the sweater, I do not have that much more for the back and hopefully will be able to start the front this weekend.  I am also working on the celtic cable scarf when I need something different to do and bought the stuff for a baby blanket and a lap throw for Don.  So, my stash is growing, I keep buying, but oh well.  :)  Take care and look for the pictures in a bit


Jerry said...

OK, so it's a few days later ;) Where's the picture? I've never done double knitting before so this intrigues me.

Hope you're well!

Jaded Labyrinth said...

Sweat begins to form at his brow. His hands tremble with desire,reaching palm down he caresses. In an explosion of emotion he pulls his passion close, his hands working the pleasure held lovingly in his heart.

He sits back to admire. The corners of his masculine lips begin to turn up. All this time desiring this moment so deeply, yet so unsure. Hours and days spent pondering this very moment.

Now before him lay his beauty. Double knitted, breath taking beauty, yet so simple. Six rows created in a moment of sweet magik!

He scoops up his needles and knits the beauty beneath his hands, his heart swells spilling love out upon the earth.

The witch sits upon the fence swinging her feet and giggling. Her blond hair and blue eyes catching the sunlight of a spring afternoon. She leans in to get a better view. She calls out Knit man, Knit!

Blowing him kisses, she swirls into a light blue mist and disappears.

Thank you so much for allowing me to see and touch this piece! All of your work is amazing!